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the_dossier's Journal

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1960's, 1960s, 1970's, 1970s, 60's, 60s, 70's, 70s, barbara anderson, barbara bain, barney collier, barney pwning-all-your-sorry-asses, black turtlenecks, bob johnson, bruce geller, calliopes, cinnamon being distracting again, cinnamon carter, cold war, creepy disguises, dan briggs, dana lambert, dictators, dirty fishtanks, disappearing cast members, disavowing knowledge, dr. doug robert, espionage, fake grass, fake outdoor sets, gellerese, good luck dan, good luck jim, high-pants, imf, impossible missions force, jim phelps, lalo schifrin, lee meriwether, leonard nimoy, lesley ann warren, lisa casey, look-who-it-is guest stars, lynda day george, martin landau, martin landau impersonating himself, mimi davis, mission impossible, mission: impossible, nuclear weapons, peter graves, peter lupus, pwning the bad guys, rollin hand, sam elliott, self-destructing tapes, silly accents, spies, spy, steven hill, stunt doubles, stupid bad guys, the black-and-white room, the great paris, the secretary, tracey fielding, willy armitage, willy's mustache